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  • Standard control solutions designed to match the heaters
  • Custom controls available

Models E4, 4069, 4069E, 4069P
  • Focuses heat radially inward to provide high density IR heating for wire, cable, tube, and profiles.

  • Customizable Area Heater
  • Replacement for 5090/5094
  • Replacement for 5236

Models 5193, 5194
  • Produces 0.18 inch x lamp length (up to 38") band of heat
  • Model 5193 is being phased out and won't be available for purchase in the future, however parts and service will remain available for those who have already purchased the product and 5194 is the improved model.

Models 5306, 4184
  • 5306 produces 1.5 inch x lamp length (up to 38") band of heat
  • 4184 produces 2.0 inch x lamp length (up to 38") band of heat

Models 4554, 4765 & 54775
  • Area heat from 3" x 5" to 38" x 78"
  • Self cleaning ceramic reflector

Model 4150, 4085
  • Produces 0.25 inch circle of concentrated IR

Models 5209, 5075, 5090
  • High density, water cooled infrared heater


Model 5236
  • Space Thermal Simulation Module

  • Used in all models Quartz Infrared Lamps
Model D150
  • Infrared Test Kit

Model C100

  • Water Cooler Kit
Model 6020, 6030, 6040
  • Radiant Infrared Heater for water-based and solvent-based drying and adhesive curing.

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