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autonics counter

Primarily used in production lines and automation facilities, counter controls and measures length and production volume in connection with various sensors.

autonics sensor SENSORS
Photo sensor: using light, photo sensor detects the presence of object. Proximity sensor: using semiconductor, proximity switch detects the presence of objects without contact.
autonics counter COUNTER / TIMER
This unit has two functions of a timer and an counter, it measures and displays length and production volume to connect various sensors.
autonics controls SENSOR CONTROLLERS
Sensor controller receives input from the sensor, transforms it into various forms of logic representation, and outputs it to relay.
autonics timer TIMERS
Control time-dependent operation of various industrial facilities and equipment and is used widely in many industrial plants.
autonics encoders ENCODERS
Rotary encoder is the sensor, which transforms mechanical movement into electrical signal. It is widely used as a position sensor in an industrial machine, elevator, and robot.
autonics temperature control TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS
As a device to control temperature, tempurature controller is widely used in injection molding machine, electric furnace and automatic soldering iron.
autonics stepping motors STEPPING MOTORS
Used to control position, speed and angle in proportion to the input pulse signal. It controls delicate step angles without a feedback signal.
Panel meter measures the volatility of voltage and current in industrial devices. It displays and controls the voltage, current, watt, frequency and analog alteration of sensor.
autonics motion control MOTION CONTROLLERS
PMC series is the controller which operates and controls step and servo system.
autonics unit DISPLAY UNIT
Depending on input data, display unit can display about 60 different kinds of characters
The C02 marking system has advantages of fast marking speed, high resolution, and compact size.
autonics switching power supply SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES
This product is to heat or cool a heater, an electric furnace, etc.. It also controls the power supplied to heater, electric furnace, motor in order to control the revolution of motor.
autonics indicating lights INDICATING LIGHTS
This unit gives a signal for various reasons.
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