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Temtron specializes in Gammaflux hot runner repair. We can repair all of your controls, mainframes, and cables. Standard repair pricing is available on Gammaflux controllers. We offer a low price guarantee. All Gammaflux hot runner repair and calibration tasks are performed in-house with equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

170 dollar gammaflux repair
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gammaflux hot runner repair

o Gammaflux Repair Service
We maintain a substantial parts inventory - no time lost waiting for parts ordered.

o Low Price Guarantee
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gammaflux hot runner cable repair

Temtron can build most special or custom cables to fit most needs. Example: Run molds equipped for INCOE using a Gammaflux Hot Runner control system or the reverse. Tell us what YOU need!

Gammaflux Hot Runner Cable Repair
New Gammaflux hot runner power and thermocouple cables can be very costly. Let Temtron repair your defective Gammaflux hot runner cables at a significant savings.

Gammaflux Hot Runner Control Repair - Advanced Techniques Used
Gammaflux Controls are Provided with a Unique Serial Number
gammaflux repair board before
Gammaflux Controls which no longer operate properly or become damaged, often need to be repaired quickly and at a reasonable price. Over the years, Temtron has developed some repair and calibration techniques that allow us to economically repair almost all modules that we receive.
gammaflux repair board after
One example of this is our foil replacement process. Temtron has developed a process of replacing damaged printed circuit board edge connector foils during Gammaflux control repair as shown in the Before and After pictures. This allows us to perform Gammaflux control repair on units with extensive damage on the printed circuit board for like-new performance.
gammalfux repair serial number


After the repair process has been completed, the number provides warranty data 


Ensures that the controller you sent us is the exact one we return to you.


Allows in-house tracking of work in progress during the repair process for faster turn around.


During repair, the number determines what component and hardware updates have been performed, so your control is as current as possible.

Temperature Control Modules: How to prevent damage

Control module fuses must be rated at 250 VAC, type F (fast blow). This will protect the module in the event of a shorted heater. Fuse current rating should match the module size - usually 15 or 30 amp.


The power switch should be in the "off' position before you install or remove the module from an energized mainframe (mf switch "on"). This will prevent edge foil damage.


The fuse holder should grip the fuse ends tightly to maintain good contact. Pinch the fuse holder clips together some if the fuse is loose in the holder. Be aware of soft, easy to bend clips, as they probably will not maintain good fuse contact. Poor fuse contact can produce small electrical arcs causing pitting and oxidation, and will eventually cause premature fuse blowing.

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